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Everyday I have the privilege of working with amazing people, and oftentimes the work we do together is for sale. Welcome to my new “shop” page, where I highlight clients’ products, swag and more, and with links to purchase. Thank you for your support!

Tooth Fairy Flylight

A magical tradition for every lost tooth!  Read the story, press the button, and shine a lost-tooth alert to your tooth fairy. The Tooth Fairy Flylight™ boxed set comes with the beautifully illustrated storybook, and the Flylight projector nightlight, packaged together in a keepsake box.

How does it work? Once a wiggly tooth finally lets go, alert your very own tooth fairy with the Tooth Fairy Flylight projector nightlight — just place a lost tooth in the front tray, press the button, and watch the colorful shapes glow on the ceiling and beam the message straight to fairyland. Your tooth fairy will see the signal and know it’s time to fly!

Storybook illustrated by Jenna Riggs. Storybook, packaging and identity also designed by Jenna Riggs.

Pep the Galapagos Tortoise

Can the shy little tortoise save his family and his island? With the help of his friends Pep will prove that though he is small, he can still make a big difference. Authors Jose Simbaña and Ellen Griffiths have spent their lives helping to inspire young children to be curious about the world around them and find answers to their many questions. They have traveled around the world, finding commonalities between all children and their joy in learning. “Pep the Galapagos Tortoise” is their second book. Illustrated and designed by Jenna Riggs

Get Out the Vote Postcards

Calling all postcarders! 6″ x 4″ postcard designs (design printed on mailing side only) available for printing on demand from third party printer. Jenna is making the designs available for free, you pay for printing and shipping. Let’s get out the vote together — send Jenna an email for more information.

The Days of Gifts

The Days of Gifts multi-day gifting experience is a gift package that your recipient opens one day at a time. Turn any occasion into an incredible, multi-day celebration. Surprise someone with this unique service, offering a special set of gifts. Perfect for any occasion!

Logo, branding and bellybands designed by Jenna Riggs.

Hate Has No Place Here Free Button Project

This little project has our lofty goal: freely share as many of these buttons out as possible. Give them out to friends and family and sprinkle them into your community — leave them like tiny presents of hope everywhere you go.

If you would like a small amount of free buttons, please email Jenna. If you would like larger amounts, you can order directly from the button manufacturer. You can also find free posters and more here in multiple languages.

A friend said of this project: “This is the perfect button. The message to all of us: you are loved, you are welcomed, and as ONE we will spread the word.”

Alley Cat Project Merch

Support Alley Cat Project by sporting their merch!  Alley Cat Project is a small, but passionate group of volunteers working to reduce the overpopulation of cats in Seattle using humane solutions. Their mission is to ensure that every cat has a good home. Find out more about Alley Cat Project here.

Logo designed by Jenna Riggs.