I haven’t been outward about mixing politics and business, and I won’t go there today. That said, I staunchly believe in inclusivity and tolerance, and will defend that principle happily in my everyday dealings with everything and everyone. Which leads me to the buttons.

Two days after the presidential election the buttons were born — with the intent to wear, to share and to sprinkle around my community. It’s interesting what a pocketful of buttons (tiny jingles, smooth to the touch) will do for your outlook on the day and how fun it is to leave them around for anyone to find.

They are free and meant to be freely given. If you would like some to wear and share, let me know and I’ll mail you some. And if you are interested in being your own community’s button fairy, I’ve set up a website with information about ordering your own large batches from the button manufacturer (this keeps the cost down, and the only ones making a profit is the wholesale manufacturer.) There are also links there for buttons in Spanish and free downloadable signs, as well as a Zazzle link that does have bumper stickers, t-shirts etc. for sale, with all proceeds going into my little project, any leftover proceeds once this has run it’s course will be donated to MomsRising.


In the words of Leonard Bernstein, ” We must believe in the attainability of good. We must believe, without fear, in people.”

Onward! Jenna