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Free Button Project: Hate Has No Place Here

I haven’t been outward about mixing politics and business, and I won’t go there today. That said, I staunchly believe in inclusivity and tolerance, and will defend that principle happily in my everyday dealings with everything and everyone. Which leads me to the buttons.

Two days after the presidential election the buttons were born — with the intent to wear, to share and to sprinkle around my community. It’s interesting what a pocketful of buttons (tiny jingles, smooth to the touch) will do for your outlook on the day and how fun it is to leave them around for anyone to find.

They are free and meant to be freely given. If you would like some to wear and share, let me know and I’ll mail you some. And if you are interested in being your own community’s button fairy, I’ve set up a website with information about ordering your own large batches from the button manufacturer (this keeps the cost down, and the only ones making a profit is the wholesale manufacturer.) There are also links there for buttons in Spanish and free downloadable signs, as well as a Zazzle link that does have bumper stickers, t-shirts etc. for sale, with all proceeds going into my little project, any leftover proceeds once this has run it’s course will be donated to MomsRising.


In the words of Leonard Bernstein, ” We must believe in the attainability of good. We must believe, without fear, in people.”

Onward! Jenna

Client highlight—Cami Lundeen, watch out world!

I wrote a while back about one of my amazing clients, singer-songwriter Cami Lundeen, and her journey of putting out an album and overcoming obstacles. Well, she and her family are at it again—this time taking a giant leap by selling all of their possessions, and taking the family on a cross-country music tour. Our lovely local paper did a nice story on them. You can find out more about Cami and booking opportunities on her website. They are kicking off the tour with a concert this Friday. They will be sorely missed and I can’t wait to hear about their adventures.

TourLaunchParty_official poster3_sm


HealthPoint—creating healthy communities in the Seattle area

On yet another day that the Affordable Care Act is hot in the news, one of my clients is quietly going about their business—lifting up families by providing medical and dental care to some of the most diverse and underserved populations in the Seattle area. Nonprofit HealthPoint has been increasing access to health care for over 42 years, with 17 clinics now from Bothell to Federal Way. Their commitment to improving the life of communities through affordable health care not only covers the basics we’ve all come to rely on, but expands the growing notion of “health” to include integrated natural medicine, including naturopathy, acupuncture, nutrition counseling and more.

HP_Kaleid_2smHealthPoint had their annual fundraiser “Kaleidoscope” earlier this month, and I was pleased to design the invitation and other materials promoting this worthy event. The evening included a dinner and raise-the-paddle, with author Sherman Alexie as the keynote speaker. I have been a fan of Sherman Alexie from his many interviews on our local public radio station KUOW, where his take on current events was always cutting, hilarious and honest. I expected the same from him at the fundraiser, but was not prepared for how personal and inspiring his speech would also be. In addition to comical stories about fatherhood, race and education, Alexie shared his experiences growing up with sparse access to poor medical care on the Spokane Indian Reservation and how that affected his outlook on life and his ability to trust people in power. Correcting those inequalities is what HealthPoint does everyday, making his speech terribly relevant and uplifting.

For more information about HealthPoint, visit their website: www.healthpointchc.org

A funny ending to the night—donors at a certain level received a signed book by Sherman Alexie… as a slave to the ferry schedule, I had to run before my book could be signed and another nice donor said she’d get mine signed and then leave it with my client. The next day, my client couldn’t wait for me to see it—apparently Alexie had been drawing pictures for most of the donors.


Vashon? Bainbridge?

Introducing one of my talented clients: Cami Lundeen

It has been difficult to dull the steady drumming of discontent coming from our political leaders lately… thankfully, my wonderful clients are louder! This fall I have been reminded daily of the many people and groups doing amazing, real and touchable work—whether it’s protecting our most vulnerable or creating uplifting music—my clients do it all. I have been to many events in the past few months, some for celebrating, some for raising money and some for both. I’m going to write about these over the next few weeks to introduce you to some of my inspirational clients.

Cami Lundeen is a singer songwriter, currently living on Vashon. She is a dynamo, with a fantastic voice and so incredibly humble, you just want to pinch yourself. Her story is an inspiring one—in a nutshell she is the mother of four amazing kids with an adoring husband, who found out she has an incurable liver disease, got inspired to finally become the writer and performer she always wanted to be, and friends and strangers who were also inspired funded the Kickstarter campaign to produce her first album. Where most people with her story would be plastering it everywhere for publicity, she didn’t even tell me about it when we first met to discuss album design. In fact, I didn’t find out until much later, from other people.

CamiLundeen2_smHer debut album is called “Run Free.” My first project with her was to design a typographic logo of sorts for “Run Free”, finding out during the process that she intended to have it tattooed on her arm. Whoa. This was a first for me, and though I like to think I have satisfied clients, this took “happy clients” to a whole new, permanent level. Luckily for both of us, she was a great communicator about what kind of look she was hoping for, and was pleased with the end product.

During the project, I designed her album cover and cd art, created stickers, t-shirts, posters and a banner. None of this could have been done so well without the wonderful photography of Marla Smith.

After working for months on her album, Cami had a so-very-Vashon launch party on a warm summer evening at a place called “The Coop” amongst fans, family and friends. Included in her party were the stickers and other swag, plus very special tattoos so we could all be daring rockers, at least for the night.


For more information about Cami Lundeen, visit her website: www.camilundeen.com. And my post wouldn’t be complete without including Cami’s video for “Run Free”—I promise it will change your day!



Simple magic—Disney’s “Paperman”

The first day at work after a great vacation is the worst. No offense to my lovely Seattle, but I had a nice week-long date with the Florida sun, and say what you will about Disney being a giant conglomerate, but they have the magic experience dialed in big time. So, pouring over my emails and having a tiny pity party that I’m not in shorts and immersed in the excited giggles of children of all ages, I was delighted to find this link to Disney’s “Paperman” short film.

The six minute animation is lovely, simple and it’s the perfect thing to watch for Valentine’s Day. And, it gives me just enough magic to make it through the first day back to work. View it here!

Enjoy! Jenna


Gee's Bend quiltYears ago, I had a friend insist that I join Pinterest—was just up my alley she said. I meant to—I really did, but everyday life and work didn’t allow me any free time to wander in until recently—and good thing too, as it’s really a digital Alice’s Rabbit Hole. And, though I do like finding those little treasures and sharing them on my boards, I still find that I prefer the inspirations I can actually touch and feel in my studio.

One of my daily inspirations hangs on the wall above my desk—a quilt made by my stepmother Catherine who is an art quilter. Catherine took a class with some illustrious quilters from Gee’s Bend, Alabama, and during the class they signed their names in the nooks and crannies. Knowing I’m a fan of Gee’s Bend quilters, she gave me the quilt even though she insists it’s just a “quickie” study—lucky me! I find their story of creating utilitarian, enormous, modern quilts from cast offs, completely independently of the major art movements of their time, incredible and humbling.

A visual overview of some Gee’s Bend quilts is here. And a great video interviewing some of the quilters is here (it gets better after the museum directors).

Enjoy, Jenna