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“Big Machines” Read it yourself with Ladybird

My first title with Ladybird will be out in July, and I just received a sneak peek of the finalized book. Illustrating construction vehicles was challenging and fun, and the Ladybird staff were fantastic to work with. A bonus—I’ll never look at a construction vehicle again without running through all of the parts and pieces in my head!





“What’s in My Dresser?”

It was a welcome surprise to receive my latest illustrated book in the mail from the wonderful folks at Star Bright Books, “What’s in My Dresser” written by Kathleen Rizzi. Perfect for those “I can do it!” toddlers, it’s a fun combination of rhyming, colors and my pet peeve favorite… lift-the-flaps with a purpose! The book is also available in a Spanish/English version. You can order it from Star Bright Books, and it’s also available on Amazon.

What's in My Dresser?

Love the Library

We took some time out today to visit our little Vashon Library (in the King County Library System)—our regular library building is under construction so the temporary site is on the shoebox side of tiny. So, how surprised were we when we spotted one of my illustrated books toward the entrance—”Real-Size Baby Animals” by DK! Hopefully an island child will be taking that home soon and having some great summer reading fun.


Smells like old house paint—must be spring!

For the last few years I have been a lucky volunteer set painter with Dance! Vashon. Every spring I get off my computer loving keister, pick up a real live paint brush and help paint whatever fantastical land the dancers are headed for. Dance! Vashon has done “Snow White”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Aladdin”, “Wizard of Oz” and many more — and this year they are performing “Cinderella”. We just finished Cinderella’s drops — her kitchen (dreary) and the garden (“Bibbidy Bobbity Boo!”). I took a few pictures from start to finish. Special thanks to my mom, Judi, and my extra special kid helpers Mira and Lucy — the drops could not have been done without you all. I also had amazing help from fellow dance parent Gretchen, and my girls. We start painting flats in the theater on Saturday — wish us luck!

First, lay out last year’s drops from “Wizard of Oz”…

… then the worst part — painting over the old drops. We are thrifty here!

Mira and Lucy working on the first base coats of color on the garden.

My mom working on the first layers of color on the kitchen.

Sneak peek at the final kitchen.

Sneak peek at the final garden.

Easy last minute printable Valentines!

I woke up nostalgic for my kids’ homemade class Valentines, though I think I have adequately erased the night before production-line madness. So, in case you are like I was and need last minute Valentines – here you go! All you need is a color printer and some boxes of everyone’s favorite Sweethearts. Download printable Valentine pdf here and enjoy! Jenna