Gee's Bend quiltYears ago, I had a friend insist that I join Pinterest—was just up my alley she said. I meant to—I really did, but everyday life and work didn’t allow me any free time to wander in until recently—and good thing too, as it’s really a digital Alice’s Rabbit Hole. And, though I do like finding those little treasures and sharing them on my boards, I still find that I prefer the inspirations I can actually touch and feel in my studio.

One of my daily inspirations hangs on the wall above my desk—a quilt made by my stepmother Catherine who is an art quilter. Catherine took a class with some illustrious quilters from Gee’s Bend, Alabama, and during the class they signed their names in the nooks and crannies. Knowing I’m a fan of Gee’s Bend quilters, she gave me the quilt even though she insists it’s just a “quickie” study—lucky me! I find their story of creating utilitarian, enormous, modern quilts from cast offs, completely independently of the major art movements of their time, incredible and humbling.

A visual overview of some Gee’s Bend quilts is here. And a great video interviewing some of the quilters is here (it gets better after the museum directors).

Enjoy, Jenna