Monthly Archives: March 2014

Pro bono projects make the world go round

Every year I take on at least one pro bono design project. Last year, I was thrilled to work with the fabulous women at—a group of professional audio engineers who are encouraging and inspiring young women to consider the exciting field of audio engineering—a occupation where only 5% are women. Their site is chocked full of great information, news and profiles of women working in the field. I created their logo and provided some other fun graphics for their site.




This year, I am pleased to announce that I’ve chosen the Vashon Sheepdog Classic as my pro bono client. The Vashon Sheepdog Classic is a 4 day National level sheep herding event at Misty Isle Farms on Vashon Island and will be held this year August 22-25 . If you’ve never watched a professional sheepdog trial (think “Babe” but much larger and wilder) I really couldn’t recommend a better way to spend a summer day. Besides being such a terrific event to attend, the Vashon Sheepdog Classic gifts the proceeds from the event to island nonprofit organizations that focus on the enrichment of education and health for Vashon youth. The talented Kristine Dahms of Twist Design has been VSC’s pro bono designer, and I’m happy to continue the work she’s done so wonderfully for them. For more information on the Vashon Sheepdog Classic, visit their site or Facebook page.