Monthly Archives: February 2013

Tailoring your message—National Geographic style

As a designer, I am always trying to help my clients reach their target audience with efficiency and consistency. This ad for National Geographic made me laugh out loud, and is a hilarious way of reminding us about reaching people in their own “language” whatever that may be. OMG!

Easy last minute printable Valentines!

I woke up nostalgic for my kids’ homemade class Valentines, though I think I have adequately erased the night before production-line madness. So, in case you are like I was and need last minute Valentines – here you go! All you need is a color printer and some boxes of everyone’s favorite Sweethearts. Download printable Valentine pdf here and enjoy! Jenna

Simple magic—Disney’s “Paperman”

The first day at work after a great vacation is the worst. No offense to my lovely Seattle, but I had a nice week-long date with the Florida sun, and say what you will about Disney being a giant conglomerate, but they have the magic experience dialed in big time. So, pouring over my emails and having a tiny pity party that I’m not in shorts and immersed in the excited giggles of children of all ages, I was delighted to find this link to Disney’s “Paperman” short film.

The six minute animation is lovely, simple and it’s the perfect thing to watch for Valentine’s Day. And, it gives me just enough magic to make it through the first day back to work. View it here!

Enjoy! Jenna